Our book ” A Life Without Borders” is done and available for sale from Amazon

You will laugh out loud as you read the inspiring true story of a family who abandoned their crazy, stress-filled days to live a life of adventure.


Carla and Dan were living what was supposed to be the American dream—the big house, successful corporate careers, and two young, wonderful children. But it all came at a cost—the constant stress of the weekly morning race to work and school, the tired weekends, a family headed in different directions, the struggle to keep it all together as effortlessly as everyone else seemed to be doing, and the overwhelming fear that the struggle to live this life was costing them a life of happiness.

They knew they had to make a dramatic change, so over the objections of family, friends, and co-workers, that’s what they did—they made a big change.

Though not proficient sailors, they sold their house and most of their possessions, bought a sailboat, and with their six-year-old daughter and ten-year-old son, left on a four-year adventure, sailing through the Caribbean and backpacking through South America.

“Everything that defined who we were was gone. Now it was time to find out who we are.”

They sailed down the Caribbean, battling the fears of storms, pirates, and homeschooling. Surviving those things and more, the foursome were not only surprised to still be talking to each other, but were inspired by how strong they had become as a team. Encouraged and emboldened, they left their sailboat in Aruba and backpacked through South America where they:

  • Fought off biting ants in the Amazon
  • Reveled in the beauty of Machu Picchu
  • Observed penguins in Chile
  • Hiked to a glacier on top of a volcano in Ecuador
  • Stood star-struck in the remoteness of the Atacama Desert

Wanderlust still not satisfied, their expedition branched out to the US. The family crossed the country by train and RV, where they became schooled in the art of RV parking by German tourists and learned the dangers of mistaking a fellow camper for a potato chip eating bear.

The best part of their odyssey was connecting with other cultures and reconnecting as a family, learning they will always be stronger when they are together.

Whether you can sail a boat, ride a bus, take a train, or just cross the street, Carla and her family will inspire you to live a life without borders.

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Alegria will soon be available as a book

Do you want to know more about what it’s like to take a four year adventure? Look for the book, A Life Without Borders the travel adventures of the crew of Alegria, available now. In addition to updated blogs finishing our trip through Ecuador and Colombia; including climbing volcano Cotopaxi at 16,000 feet, sleeping in a tent at 11,000 feet, sailing through pirate waters, celebrating Thanksgiving on mainland Venezuela, selling Alegria and our return to normalcy, there will be entries entailing in more depth what it’s actually like to sail from one country to another. In the book you’ll find more background details and tips on doing your own travels.

The book, A Life Without Borders, is available currently available on Amazon http://amzn.to/15m4LsL

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Banos Ecuador

A glimpse of Tungurahua

A glimpse of Tungurahua


A banos

Waterfall feeding the baths at Banos


a banos springs

Thermal pools at Banos

A Basilica Banos

Basilica de Nuestra Senora del Rosario de Agua Santa

a banos towns

Town of Banos

a banos1


Banos had the cutest Plazas. This one had a bridge built between two trees. It was called the “Lover’s Bridge”

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