Sea Spray Resort Marina Abacos Bahamas

Another day in Hopetown waiting for good weather. Not a bad place for a wait though. Jim and Maria on Magnificat a 38’ Prout, pulled into the harbor. Jim and Maria are from South Carolina but have really lived all over. We hadn’t really had a chance to talk to them since Old Bahama Bay. Fred and Cathy were going with us that night to Sea Spray Resort Marina to have dinner and listen to a local Bahamian band. Jim and Maria, along with Rusty, their incredibly cute Yorkshire terrier, decided to join us. We caught the free taxi outside of Hopetown Harbour Lodge. When our taxi finally came he told us he needed to go to the ferry dock to pick up a couple of members of the band. We didn’t mind because the whole reason we were going was to listen to the band.

At the ferry dock the lead singer and the guitarist boarded the van. They were nice guys and promised us some good music. When we got the Sea Spray the wind was really strong. They were not taking anymore dinner reservations as it was too windy to serve people. We decided to head to the Abaco Inn. It was a nice walk, but really windy.

The Abaco Inn was a bit pricey but the food was really good. The management made Rusty stay outside but Tessa kept him company until her food came. The Abaco Inn is a small restaurant and resort set on the ocean side, with incredible views of the waves hitting the beach. The swimming pool is perched on an overlook to the ocean. You can relax in the pool and watch the waves hit the beach, spraying water over the rocks. Inside the restaurant was candlelit with white tablecloths and soft music. Very romantic, well as romantic as you can be with 6 adults,2 kids and a dog.

After a great meal we walked back on the winding road to Sea Spray. The band was just starting when we got there. Jim and Maria hit the dance floor while Tessa and Rusty made the rounds visiting the other dogs and their owners. Tristan reluctantly agreed to dance with me.

The band was really good. They sang some original music as well as Jimmy Buffet, some country and of course the song we hear everywhere in the Abacos, “Sweet Home Alabama”. I am not sure why this is such a popular song here, but when it comes on everyone heads to the dance floor. One of the local guys asked me to dance. The local dance is kind of like a cross between a cha cha and a mamba, which of course I have no idea how to do but I did the best I could and had a blast.

When the song ended I went to look for Tessa. She was coming back from the bar. She and Rusty had been socializing. She could only stay a few minutes because someone at the bar was buying her a coke.

Later that night a couple came over and introduced themselves as Tessa’s friends .Bill and Carolyn on Prima had bought the coke for Tessa and came over to introduce themselves. They were on a motor yacht and were in the marina across from where we were moored in Hopetown. They are from Texas and are very nice. While I was talking to them I noticed Tristan on the dance floor with a young, very pretty girl. After the dance she introduced herself to me. Her name was Fallon and she lived in Lincolnton NC about 30 minutes from where we used to live and about 5 minutes from where my sister lives now. I told you the world was very small in Hopetown. She was with her boyfriend whose parents owned a house on Elbow Cay.

We had a great night but about midnight we decided to take the taxi back. I knew the kids would not be getting up early in the morning!

Hopetown Abacos Bahamas

Happy Mother’s Day to my mother and all my friends with children back home.  I can’t think of a better place to spend Mother’s Day then in the Abacos.  Tristan and I did some snorkeling off the beach and of course we hit the Hopetown Harbour Lodge pool (our favorite pool).  The kids gave me a Jasmine and Pineapple candle from the coffeeshop.  The coffeeshop here is great.  It is housed in an airy turquoise colored house with dark hardwood floors inside.  Beautiful artwork from local artists cover the walls.  They roast their own coffee beans and the coffee is really good.  You can drink your coffee, get a delicious muffin, cookie, pineapple or coconut bread, hang out on the couches, use the internet, read the magazines there and just have a relaxing time.  Several times we have taken the kids there to do their schoolwork while we use the internet. 

We also helped Cathy celebrate her birthday.  Instead of a traditional birthday cake she went with the Key Lime pie from Vernon’s grocery.  Vernon owns one of the grocery store and makes the island’s best pies.  Fred put a few candles in the pie and we all sang Happy Birthday.  Tessa and Tristan made her birthday cards.  We always have a great time with Fred and Cathy and we were glad we could help her celebrate her birthday!

Tilloo Banks Abaco Bahamas

Even though it is still blowing 25 knots plus, we needed to get out of the harbor. Fred and Cathy graciously offered to take us all on Makai down to Tilloo Banks. Tilloo Banks are famous for their sand dollars. They are everywhere. Cathy had brought back several from their last trip there and I really wanted Tristan and Tessa to find some. We motored into the wind on the way there. It took us about an hour and a half before we pulled up to the nearly deserted banks. The water was very rough, with waves kicked up by 30 knot winds. Tristan and I set out for a short snorkel but it was clear the water was too rough for Tessa. It was taking all her strength just to stay in place.

Cathy, who is a strong swimmer, swam over to the shallow and brought back some beautiful sand dollars, some as small as a quarter. She presented these to Tessa who was very happy to get them. We ate lunch on the boat, watching the waves behind us. Tessa took a much needed rest.

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