St George, Grenada


We arrived in St George’s harbor on Tuesday and set anchor in the lagoon.  Not the cleanest area, but up close and personal to downtown.  Dawn Dancer, Fine Line, and Makai were here already.  The next day we walked around the town, eating lunch at a great local buffet called the Creole Shack.  CHEAP DELICIOUS l ocal food.  We then walked to the museum to see a local band play.  The town is pretty, the people friendly and carnival starts in a fwe days!!






Carriacou is a friendly island, about 20 miles north of Grenada.  Since it is part of Grenada, once you check in here, you are good until you leave Grenada.  It is hot here.  VERY HOT.  You just sweat all the time!  It’s unreal.  When Dan and Mike (Toucan) were in the immigration office checking in, the immigration officer had to put down some paper to use as a blotter because they were sweating all over his desk.  It still cooler than the Bahamas in August, because at least here  you have a breeze.  That makes it bearable, and at night the temperature generally drops by 10 degrees (it rarely dropped in the Bahamas) so going out at night and sleeping are quite pleasant.  And we haven’t really been bothered by mosquitoes.

We are here in time for the Carriacou regatta.  The entire island gets involved with boat racing and games for the kids.  These boats are actual working fishing boats.






   At the same time we participated in barbecues put on by the cruising community here.  We had a great time with Fine Line,  with friends like Makai, Dawn Dancer and Exodus, and make new friends such as Catherine, Curt and their  young son Stuart on Gallivanteer.  We also helped Noah on Toucan celebrate his 10th birthday.  Mary had a pizza party for him at the Lazy Turtle, a nice place to eat, right on the water.




Besides going to the regatta, the other reallyamazing thing we did was to visit the archeology site.  They are currently doing a dig on an Amerindian site, dating to 400AD, and they invited us to come and visit.  The site is being worked by archeology students from different areas and this group was from North Carolina State.  The site is filled with pottery, so much it is just lying on the ground.  They have also recovered several skeletal remains, in amazingly great condition.  They were very accomadating, taking time out to explain the dig to us, and even letting the kids help with digging.  It was so informative and the kids and I really enjoyed it. It’s fascinating to touch pottery that was made by someone else’s hand from the year 400 AD.  Incredible.  I have always wanted to go to an archeological dig, and I am thankful that this trip allowed me to do that.  I think the biggest thing I got out of the tour was learning to “see” the earth differently.  They can tell so much by looking where the dirt is even a slightly different color than the earth surrounding it.  Amazing!












   Lunch on Alegria   Tristan, Noah, Tessa, Lydia and Ava





  Tessa and Lydia   






  Tristan and Noah








  Mary and Mike from Toucan

  Dan, Jim and Roxanne from Dawn Dancer and Anne from Fine Line






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