Happy 4th of July!!  Today was the first day of the Abaco Regatta.  We watched Fine Line race for awhile before we headed to anchor off of Green Turtle.  The Stranded Naked boat was there.  The Dads and kids had a great time diving for starfish and seabiscuits.  It is amazing to see how far the kids can dive down!!  We ate lunch at the Wrecking Tree.  My fried chicken was delicious.  After that we walked around Green Turtle showing Karon and Alan the town.  We made a stop at Miss Emily’s Blue Bee Bar and had a Goombay Smash.  They are so good!!  Later that night we headed into town for the post regatta party.  Each race is held at different islands in the Abacos.  After the race, there is a post race party with food and free alcohol.  We met up with Makai, Sanddollar and Fine Line.  Fine Line won 3rd place in the cruising class!! In that same race, 2 cruising boats collided, a catamaran and a big monohull.  We saw the catamaran later and it suffered a lot of damage!  We never saw the other boat but the owner of the catamaran said the monohull barely had a scratch.  I felt so bad for the guy.  He had to sail it back to Florida to get it fixed.  It didn’t look that safe.  I hope he made it ok. 

The party on Green Turtle was fun.  We had some great barbeque, free Corona, and this wicked drink in a bucket called Pirate Punch.  Of course it was free too.  I could really get used to free alcohol!  Actually I couldn’t as that Pirate Punch was really too much!  We made it back to the boat later and enjoyed some great laughs with our friends.