hopetown-lighthouse.jpg  We arrived at Hopetown Harbour.  The famous red and white striped lighthouse from 1863 guided us into a harbor right out of a painting.  Several wooden docks fronted small restaurants, while brightly painted turquoises, pink, and coral houses with teal  shutters lined the top of a small hill.  This is another town similar to New Plymouth in Green Turtle, where golf carts and bicycles are the rule.    It was also where we caught up with old friends.  That night we went to Cap’n Jacks for the Cinqo De Mayo party.  Cap’n Jacks is a waterfront pub with reasonably priced good food.  You can sit on the deck, and watch the sun set behind the lighthouse.  A great way to end the day.  As we tied our dingy outside the restaurant we got a surprise.  The hand extended to help us up the ladder belonged to Fred from Makai.  makai.JPG       fred-and-cathy.JPG

We had not seen Fred and his wife Cathy since our first week in Old Bahama Bay at

West End.  They had pulled in that marina about the same time as us and left within a few days while we had to stay and have our engine worked on.  It was so good to see them.  As we headed over to their table we saw Bill and Elaine from Let’s Went and Mike and Ginnie from Bella.  We visited with them for a few minutes then went back to sit with Fred and Cathy.  At the table next to us was a couple who were on the motor yacht  moored next to us.  Mike and Harriet on Dual Dreams were from a town in

Illinois we did not recognize.  Being originally from

Illinois  we asked them where there hometown was located.  It was a great surprise to find out that Mike had grown up near a very, very, small town in southern

Illinois called Anna.  That was where my mom grew up!!  In fact he knew my Uncle Leroy who owned a restaurant there!!  What a very small world.  We had a great evening that night catching up with everyone and hearing their sailing adventures.