Another week in an expensive marina. Audley stopped by to let us know the customs paperwork was not correct and he needed to get new paperwork faxed to customs before they would release the part. We go through stages of being upset and then realizing we are in the Bahamas where we want to be and the kids are having a great time, so we need to enjoy ourselves.

Tristan and Tessa met three boys from a fishing boat that pulled into the marina late in the afternoon. They watched them fish in the lagoon next to the marina. It was starting to get dark when Tessa came running up to our boat yelling “Shark!!” In the lagoon where the kids were fishing they saw a shark. Dan and I went out to see for ourselves. I never saw it but Dan and the kids saw a nurse shark. We did get to meet the parents. We talked for a few minutes and as we left to go back to our boat we agreed to meet the next night for a shark hunt