No Audley today, but it turned into a really great day. Tessa and Tristan joined the boys in fishing. We had lunch with Susan and Holly. Afterwards we all rode bikes into the settlement at West End. The settlement was small and there were still several homes that still hadn’t been repaired since the last hurricane. We found an ice cream shop and the kids got ice cream before we headed back to the marina.

Later John and Chris came back from deep sea fishing. It was getting near sunset and the kids were anxious to try for the shark again. John and Chris had fish to clean so they gave Dan some bait and a pole. Now I am sure none of us, including Dan, thought anything would come from it. The boys, Tessa and I stayed with him while he was fishing. I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing and fell on some rocks at the edge of the lagoon, cutting my leg. I told Dan I needed to go back to the boat and get some band aids. I wasn’t on the boat very long before Tessa comes running to the boat, screaming “Mom! Mom! Dad caught a shark! He caught a shark!”

My first reaction? Oh my God, what are we going to do with a shark!

I head over to the lagoon about 50 yards away as a crowd is starting to gather. Sure enough, Dan has a shark on the line. Dan, who hasn’t fished since he was probably 11, and who has never fished in anything besides a river, has now caught a shark. I need the camera. It’s in Dan’s pocket. I struggle to get the camera from his pocket while he is trying to reel in the shark. I pull out the camera along with several ten dollar bills, which are now scattered on the ground and threatening to blow away. What to do now? Take the shark picture or go for the cash? I chose the cash losing valuable photographic opportunities. Finally I get the money stuffed back into Dan’s pants and try to take a picture of the shark. John has come up to help. The marina guy gets a gaff which the site of gives me the willies. I look at Dan. “We are going to let it go right?”


Ok. I can’t get a good picture of the shark in the water but I don’t want it gaffed. John goes up and cuts the line to let the shark go. “A lemon shark” he says appreciatively. Dan and I look at each other and say “Lemon shark” and nod as if we know what that means.

A lady standing next to Dan exclaims, “You caught a shark! Wow! What were you fishing for?”

Dan looks at her, a bit confused “Um … A shark,” he replies. There’ll be no living with him now.