The flight back to Aruba was uneventful.  Alegria was waiting patiently for us, bobbing gently in her slip.  Sanders and XJ at Renaissance Marina had taken great care of her.  Being back on the boat was easy, getting used to the heat was not.  For the next few days we moved slowly, still wrapped in the blanket of memories of soaring condors, mysterious valleys, the colors of a desert at twilight and the beauty of the Peruvian people. 

To say we had a fabulous time would be a huge understatement.  I am still amazed we were able to go on such  a big excursion, planning it along the way, living out of backpacks and putting the whole thing together at on a moments notice.  I’m extremely proud of Tristan and Tessa, how they never complained about anything, including lugging a heavy backpack around.  They were always extremely organized, a side of them I’m not sure I saw before, and there wasn’t anything they weren’t excited about doing.  I’m also proud of us as a family, acting on a gut feeling, and just trusting in the goodness of people.  While we were a little sad to get back, I think we all know there are many more of these trips ahead of us.