It’s so good to have our friends.  Our boat is turned upside down and we love it.  Before they arrived, I moved most of Tessa’s clothes and some of her toys from her room to our room to give Karon and Alan more space to sleep and store their clothes in Tessa’s room.  Collin would be sleeping with them and I wanted to give them as much space as possible.   Tristan and Alec shared a bed, so Tristan brought some of his clothes to our room to make space for Alec’s clothes.  Tessa brought blankets and sleeping bags  to make her bed on the floor.  The result was our room was  overflowing with chaos.  There was so much stuff stored in our bonus room (the space in the front hulls) that I was sure the boat would flip over.

So what have we been doing?

Bingo  Bingo



Hair  Playing in the pool



Pancake face  Eating



sleeping1  Sleeping    sleeping2


Aren’t vacations fun?