The kids have been back in school for about a week now. It’s going pretty well.  Some of their school books I had ordered are still in the States so we went shopping for textbooks at the teachers store in Grenada.  Very impressive.  I had gotten Tristan some geography textbooks and a topography book on how to read map/contour lines  in a great store in Nevis.  He loved them.  The store here was even more impressive.  I bought Spanish textbooks for both of them, writing and grammar for Tessa, Caribbean history, more geography and more reading books, (though we are never short of those!!).  The books are very engaging, lots of colors and pictures.  Tristan and Tessa prefer them over the Calvert home school books.    I have to say, they do a really good job with the textbooks in the Caribbean.  I think they may still be under the United Kingdom as far as schooling influences, and it’s very impressive!  Grenada also has a 98% literacy rate according to the taxi drivers here.  They certainly do read alot as there are several bookstores in town.