This tiny deserted island, a bird sanctuary, is our last stop before Dominican Republic!!  The water surrounding the island is crystal clear and extremely flat as we set anchor in about 16 feet of water.  Leaving  Ambergis Cay that morning was a little touch and go as we decided to take a short cut and wound up in the midst of some very menacing coral heads.  About 20 minutes into it, we had enough.  Luckily we could turn around and pick our way back out.  We took a longer but much safer route.  Underwater we saw 4 huge Manta rays, flying under the water in V formation.  They were so beautiful!  We also saw a mast of a sunken sailboat who decided to take the shortcut and wound up on the coral.  Other than that, the day was quiet, and we enjoyed another night of stargazing.  We will be leaving late tomorrow, about 2:00pm to head to Dominican Republic.  We will be motoring again, overnight, and we need to time it to get to Luperon before 10am.  We have heard from several sources that if you don’t arrive early,  you won’t be able to get into the harbor because of the strong winds coming off the tall mountains on the north coast.  We will give ourselves plenty of leeway, figuring if we get there too early, say before sunrise, we will just motor off shore.

I am still hoping to go to Ocean World Marina first instead of Luperon.  We have a brochure on Ocean World and it looks amazing.  It is somewhat like Atlantis in the Bahamas, with the casino, and aquariums.  They have sharks, dolphins, birds, tigers and you can interact with all of them.  Luperon has swimming rats. Dan is determined to go to Luperon though.  Hopefully we will get to Ocean World by car.