A quiet day today.  After another buffet breakfast, Dan and Alan took the kids on the Hobie Cats.  Dan took Tessa and Collin on one boat and Alan went with Tristan and Alec on the other boat.  They had a great time.  At one point, Tessa was out on the bow of one of the pontoons and a wave washed her off.  Luckily she was able to hang on by one hand  until Dan was able to pull her back on.  It’s a good thing she is so strong.  The rest of the time they spent racing each other.  They came back full of stories.  Another movie night at Sand Palace and it was early to bed.

It has been so fun having our friends on the boat.  We laugh all the time about the dumbest things.  Every trip seems to have some saying that stays with us.  This time we were all talking about the movie “Talladega Nights, The Legend of Ricky Bobby”, which of course was filmed in Charlotte.  We love the line in the movie where Ricky Bobby thinks he is paralyzed and is talking to his crew chief.

Ricky Bobby: I hope you have sons. Beautiful, handsome boys. Articulate, educated, and athletic. And I hope they have their legs taken from them, so you can know what this pain is like.
Lucius Washington: [enraged] Don’t you put that evil on me, Ricky Bobby! Don’t you put that on us! You are NOT paralyzed!


So, “Don’t you put that evil on me Ricky Bobby” has been our theme saying the entire week.  We are a very mature group aren’t we??