We love Bitter End Yacht Club.  We have always loved it here.  The grounds are beautiful, and there is so much to do, great beach, boat rentals, and free outdoor movies every night (last night the we watched Finding Nemo). We came here late yesterday afternoon, after leaving the Baths.  This morning I went to a free yoga class held on a floating dock on the water.  That was nice!!!  This afternoon on the beach, a couple, Frank and Vickie, were renewing their vows on their 50th wedding anniversary.  We listened to the ceremony.  At one point, the priest said that he had a special blessing for them  It seems that Frank and Vickie were tight with the Pope, (The POPE!!)  and the Pope sent a special blessing for them, which included a signed picture of the Pope, with the blessing, mounted in a picture frame.  I later heard more about it from some women in the bathroom.  Frank and Vickie were from Los Vegas and came on their own megayacht.  Their guests came on a small cruise ship.  On Prickly Pear, the island next door, Michael McDonald gave the party a private concert.  Afterwards, we were treated to the most amazing fireworks I have ever seen.  Very nice!!!  I can’t even imagine how much all this cost, but it was an event!!!