I went for a massage at the spa at Bitter End resort. 


Bruises and minor strains are as much a part of cruising as clear waters.  We have been very lucky to have been free of any kind of sickness, and any major or minor injury…… except for my little toes.  For the last few months, I keep stubbing my little toe.  First few times it was the one on the right, and it eventually lost a nail.  The worst one was my two small toes on my left foot, which swelled up and turned all shades of red and purple.  Normally, though very painful at the moment, the pain goes away quickly. Not this time.  In fact while the one toe seemed to heal, the pinky toe seemed to get worse.  It hurt more everyday and was hard to walk on, plus I kept rehitting it, so it didn’t have a chance to get better.  I am not a whiner, but this made me become one.  I have my level one Reiki attunement, so when Dan or the kids needed some healing work done I helped them, but I am not as good doing it on myself. I decided to take advantage of the spa services at Bitter End and get a massage.  One massage, called the Thai Massage, seemed appealing.  According to the brochure, it combined stretching with acupressure (like acupuncture but using pressure not needles) to balance the body.  I knew my body was well out of balance from lugging loads of laundry and groceries untold miles so I decided this was the massage for me. 


At the appointed time, I was led up the hill, to a small cabin that served as the spa.  Inside it was very spacious.  One entire wall of the cabin was windows, allowing a beautiful view of the harbor during a massage.  Singh was my Indian masseuse.  I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  Instead of lying on the massage table, he had me lie on a mattress on the floor, on my back.  Singh asked me if I had ever had a Thai massage and I said no.  He explained it exactly as it said in the brochure, but somehow now it seemed more like stretching, than a massage, so I started having second thoughts.  But he assured me to give it a try, so I was in. We also talked about my Reiki, and he too was Reiki licensed and I assumed he would incorporate that in the session.  Maybe he could tell me what message my hurt toes were trying to tell me. 


First he started with massaging/stretching my toes.  As he got closer to the painful toe I told him, “That’s the toe I hurt. Please don’t pull on it.”

He gives me a nod and keeps stretching my toes. His eyes are closed and he is in deep concentration.  He pulls on my toe.  I jump a bit and remind him, “That’s the one.”


I am not sure he hears me.  I told him that I kept injuring my toe and I was sure there was some message I was supposed to be getting.  Singh seems to ignore me, lost in his concentration rubbing my feet.   I try again as he is still dangerously close to my toes, “That toe really hurts.  Again, nothing from Singh.  I close my eyes hoping for the best.


Suddenly I hear a voice. “You can’t just run away from someone just because you can’t communicate with them”



 Did he just say that?

He must have as no one else is in the room.

 Is this my message?  I’m not sure.  He doesn’t say anything else, and I still am not sure I heard anything or just imagined it and am too embarrassed to ask.  I think about what he said about communication.  I have been having trouble communicating lately.  I am obviously having trouble now communicating to him to not pull on my toe.  “Ow!”


He shushes me.  He puts up his hand, keeping his eyes closed and actually shushes me. I can’t believe it!   He’s gearing up to really pull on my toe now and as I get ready to yell…… It’s done.

  The pain in my toe is nearly nothing!  I can’t believe it!  Singh just gives me a nod.


My euphoria is short lived as now he starts in on my legs.  Before I know it, he has my right leg bent up nearly over my head.  I am starting to think it was a bad idea to wear my swimsuit.  Leg over my head, knee to the chest, leg to the side (definitely hanging out of my swimsuit on that move!). More stretching, pulling, and twisting until finally he asks me to turn over. 


“Oh, ok.”


 I have given up any input in this as he seems to know what he is doing and I don’t want to be shushed again. More stretching.   On my back he has me bend my feet up, he sits on them and pulls my arms back, lifting my upper body off the floor.  My body has started to lose contact with my swimsuit in various places if you know what I mean, but before I can readjust, we are on to the next pose.  I can really feel my body loosen up, and before you know it the time is up.  I actual wish we had more time!   After tucking myself back into my swimsuit, I am amazed at how great I feel.   I feel about 6 inches taller, and my toe feels amazing!  I seem to float out the door and and head to the beach to meet Dan and the kids.


“How was it?” asks Dan.

“Um, good.” I reply, at a loss for words, lost in bliss of relaxation.

“Really? You aren’t saying too much.”

Well, so much for my communication!