It was too rough for us to enjoy Sandy Spit, a beautiful, tiny, uninhabited island, so we headed across to

Cane Garden Bay. The kids hit the beach, Alan and Dan found some hammock chairs at Elm Beach Bar and Karon and I went shopping.  The beach is getting back to normal after the big storm a few weeks ago.  At Myatt’s gift shop, she said the water had come up through the bar and stopped just outside the store. That was good because there’s a lot of tradition in the beach bars here, Rhymers, Quitos, Elm Beach, Stanely’s to name a few.  Most sailors, including us and our friends have great memories here.


After shopping, Karon and I found Dan and Alan.  They hadn’t moved from the chairs, but they had news.  They indicated two couples not far from us. 

“Those are the people who were naked on the boat.”


Yes, the naked dudes were here.  We saw them when we came into the harbor earlier.  The guy came to collect the mooring ball fee, and the younger guy paid for it, naked.  DUDE! 


“How did you recognize them?  Did you follow them into the bathroom?”


They recognized the older guy as he was wearing the same shirt, shoes and hat we had seen him in earlier.  So they did have clothes.  They just chose not to wear them.  And the weird thing is I think they are American or Canadian and this is definitely a more European behavior.  Strange.


The kids played on the beach some more and we watched a beautiful sunset from the Elm Beach Bar.  The next day we were off to Marina Cay.

  On the beach

 Alec putting up the flag