caneel-bay.JPG This is probably the roughest anchorage we have ever been at.  It is like a freeway for all the boats including the ferry boat traffic.  The only reason we are here is to get free wi-fi and also to dingy into Cruz Bay.  We went into Cruz Bay to take a walk around town.  As we passed a row of buildings, we looked down and could see a man using a lathe, carving wood.  We watched him for awhile.  Tessa was really interested in what he was doing and didn’t want to leave until he stopped.  When he saw us watching, he came out to talk to us.  He told us he was working on a vase and that he sold them at the art store in town.  We told him we would go by and take a look at them.  As we started to leave, he told us to wait, and he brought out a wooden top he had carved and gave it  to Tessa.  How nice!!  You know, if I had a dollar for every time someone gave Tessa something, I could probably pay for this trip!!  We walked on down to the National Park Service building to let the kids play at the  park.  Two girls there, about Tristan’s age kept trying to get his attention, and kept asking Tessa questions about him.  It was so funny to watch him alternate between nonchalance and embarassment!!  When we got back to the boat, it was a mess.  A big wave must have tossed us around because everything that had been on the kitchen counter was now on the floor and the glass candleholders and my candleholder from the Dominican Republic, which I cherished, had fallen from the cockpit table and broke.  I hate this spot, but we need to stay one more day to get wi fi and to be close to Cruz Bay so we can do laundry.  Tomorrow night we will be back at Maho Bay, as they are having a Star Watch program and then we will watch the lunar eclipse.  I am really excited about that.

We went into Caneel Bay resort to pay our mooring ball fee.  The resort seems alright.  They don’t have the great beach that Cinnamon Bay has.  There is a golf course here and I think that takes all the resorts attention.  Tomorrow we will head back into Cruz bay to do laundry then leave this rolly anchorage and head back to Maho Bay for the eclipse!