This is what you come to the offshore islands for. This is what we’ve been missing for so long, a nearly mile long, white sand beach, clear water and only 4 boats, one of which is FRUKO.  Paradise.  Friday night (my birthday) we celebrated with a birthday cake and potluck on Salt and Light with Fruko.  That was nice.  This is the second year I have spent my birthday in a Spanish country and I really love it!  Last year was Ocean World, this year a spectacular beach with new friends!


 Saturday morning we were reminded of how close we were to the mainland.  Apparently this anchorage is very popular on the weekends with powerboats from the mainland.  And they came.  Nearly 30 powerboats arrived by mid Saturday, some small, a few sport fishing, several luxury yachts and one mega yacht.  About midmorning, a helicopter arrived, somehow setting down on the narrow strip of island, and delivered some guests to the luxury yacht called DRAKKAR.  Nice!!

The anchorage was soon hopping with jet skis, dinghies, people waterskiing, and kids on the beach.  It was fun!!  Dennie got out the wakeboard and Tristan and Tessa had their first experience wakeboarding.  They loved it, but were soooo tired the next day.  That night, the anchorage was very colorful with the lights from the fishing boats, and Dan and I sat on the bow for awhile taking it all in; the moon reflecting off the white sand causing it to glow, a streak of white on a blue canvas, the water so clear even in the moonlight you can see the bottom, its turquoise shade leaving you aching to jump in, the stars seeming so close giving a sense of protection, again thanking ourselves for going west instead of north.