On Friday we did the walking tour of Charlotte Amalie.  We walked forever, and did a bit of shopping.  The highlight was the “99 Steps” leading to Blackbeard’s Castle.  Here we had some great views of the island as well as Alegria anchored peacefully in the harbor.  alegria-at-charamal.JPG  It also included a tour of the smallest K mart I have ever been in.    Sunday we will watch the Superbowl at Fat Turtles in Yacht Harbor Grnade, then probably one more day here to get some supplies.  The wind has really been strong, but our anchor is secure!!!  The weather is forecasting for high seas still, but we will be staying close to the island, so they won’t bother us. 

99-steps.JPG char-amal.JPG  charamal1.JPG  cm.JPG