Yes, we are still here!  You would think we’d have cabin fever by now, but we are enjoying it.  We caught up with Anne and Chris, off the sailboat Blue Runner.  Last time we saw them was at Ocean World in Dominican Republic.  They are working for Blue Water divers for awhile before they go cruising again. We all had dinner at Fat Turtles.  It was nice to see them again, and hopefully we can get together again before we leave here.  Also, on Superbowl Sunday, we were watching the game at Fat Turtles, (they had a huge blow up screen on the lawn) and we ran into Kristen and Hans from the sailboat Whisper.  We knew of them from their friends Jacumba, and heard them on the crossing from the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico.  It was nice to finally meet them.  They stopped by our boat later and we gave them our other generator.  It wasn’t working for us, but we hope Hans could get it running. 

Other than that, we have just been hanging out, waiting for good weather.  It’s not bad weather in the sense of a lot of rain, just a lot of wind, and outside the harbor, high waves.  Yesterday we went to the Frenchtown Deli, in Frenchtown for great deli sandwiches.  Every night, we head into shore so the kids can play football.  Sounds kind of tame, but we are enjoying ourselves. 

One thing we find very interesting is the earthquake activity around here.  If you go to and put in Charlotte Amalie, it lists earthquake activity.  Everyday since we started watching it, there has been an earthquake in the BVI or Puerto Rico.  They aren’t that strong, ususally 3 to 4 in magnitude, (although about a week ago there was one near Ponce, Puerto Rico at a magnitude of 5), but I find that very interesting.  Living in the city, you tend to forget the earth is truly alive.  You see the trees, the grass, the flowers, and you know there are living things growing from the earth, but most people don’t think about the earth itself, down deep, moving and alive.  I think it’s fascinating, but maybe that’s just me!!

Tomorrow we hope to be in St John’s if we can get good weather.  We’ll have more pictures then.