christmas-2008  I think we finally have everything stowed and the freezer is now working, though the verdict is still out on the refrigerator.  Dan has been polishing the sides of the boat and it looks great.  We are still waiting to hear from Sea Hawk paints as to what they are going to do about the bottom paint peeling off.  The bottom was done in Nanny Cay BVI in May and by July we had noticed some blistering.  We contacted them and they were supposed to take a look at it in Grenada and never did.  Then we had to leave for Venezuela and they promised us an answer here and we are still waiting.  Life on the hard isn’t too bad though.  Four days a week a free shuttle will take you to a grocery store.  The grocery stores are nice, with a good prices and a good selection of fruits and vegetables and a big selection of fresh herbs.  The yard is clean and fortunately the facilities are good.  We lucked out being right outside the office.  If we were any closer to the restrooms we would be inside them!!!  That helps on those late night bathroom runs with the kids!!

In the meantime, we are getting reacquainted with living on the boat again.  It was funny, the first time I walked back into the boat it felt small.   Well, not really small.  The word that really comes to mind is miniaturized.  It was weird!  But the feeling soon passed, and we are back to normal. 

We don’t miss the cold, but for those of you feeling hot, I included some pictures from Chicago.  It will cool you off!

chicago-1  chicago-41  chicago-at-night  Adler Planetarium in Chicago

cold  ice-2 ice-3  Ice storm right after we arrived!!!

friends     friends-31    clarke-and-tessa  FRIENDS


ear-piercing  Tessa got the courage to pierce her ears!