We are still here hunkered down on the

island of

Culebra.  The weather is calling for high winds and seas, so we are stuck here for awhile.  We are on mooring balls, way outside of the town of

Dewey.  Can’t say I am a big fan of the town.  The guide book calls it a quaint town, to me it feels more like desperate.  It is a home for expatriates, and a winter retreat.  I just can’t take a liking to it, I am not sure why.  It is clean enough, but feels a bit left behind.  Not too long after we got here, we went to a restaurant bar called Dingy Dock.  I struck up a conversation with a guy who I was sure was on a sailboat.  Sure enough, he rented sailboats, then acted as the captain, and charted the boat.  Seemed complicated to me.  He was saving up for his own boat someday, and in the meantime, it allowed him to sail and be a captain and the charter guest covered the bill.  I told him we were cruising fulltime, and he was very surprised. 

“Wow,” he said.  “You don’t look like sailors.  You look like you just came off of work at Merrill  Lynch.  You guy are too dressed up.”

It should be noted here that I am wearing shorts and an Old Navy tank top and Dan is dressed the same.  However, we have showered, so apparently that has put us at another level.  Give me a break.  But before I come down too hard on the guy, I should describe the other patrons.  Out of the 10 or so people in the bar, including this guy and Dan and I 4 guys are in their 60’s with long, white ZZ Topp beards and stained T-shirts.  Typical expatriate attire, so maybe we did seem out of place. 

Dan seems to like the town though.  The next day we ate lunch at Mamacita’s and that was good.  I don’t like waiting for weather here though. With the rain, we have to use the new generator, the Honda EU 2000, we had shipped to us in

Puerto Rico.  Dan about flipped out yesterday, as I was using charge to play a yoga DVD and then we made Café Mochas with our espresso machine(please don’t let the other cruiser’s know we have a coffee maker and an espresso machine!) and we were getting in the hole as far as power goes.  He has to fire up the generator again.  I am not sure what the problem is as the reason we bought it was as a backup power source, and we need the backup.  I think he might have still been mad because the night before I spilled wine on the computer and it looked for awhile like it was dead.  That was a close call!!  It was not a fun night on Alegria, let me assure you!!