Alan was the first to notice. We were enjoying a relaxing morning inside Alegria, in Little Harbor Jost Van Dyke.  The kids were in Tristan’s room playing a game, a beautiful sun was shining, the goats were calling on the hillside.  All that was spoiled when Alan said:

“I think those two guys in the boat behind us are naked.”

A moment’s pause before we all jumped to the window.  Sure enough, there in the cockpit of the monohull about forty feet away from us, one guy was totally naked and the other had a shirt on but no pants.  This is a very small harbor and the boats and the mooring balls are very close together here, so they had to know everyone could see them, but they seemed very much at ease.  At one point, the guy who was totally naked went forward and stood by the mast for the entire harbor to see.  DUDE!  What are you thinking?

Now I’m not a prude, and if someone wants to go naked, by all means have at it, BUT, not in a small harbor where everyone can see you.  Can you not wait ten minutes until you leave the harbor and strip? 

After watching for awhile (and who could turn away?) we finally saw one woman appear and later another.  Apparently it was two couples, on a very small sailboat.  The women, however, stayed fully clothed.  Thankfully the kids stayed downstairs and didn’t see anything.  For us, it was like watching a train wreck, we couldn’t stop watching.  A few questions came to mind.  They were on a thirty six foot monohull.  That’s tight quarters for 2 couples. If they aren’t wearing clothes outside the boat, they surely aren’t wearing them below. At minimum there was some naked bumping into each other. UGH!

 According to the judges (us!), one of the guys seemed older than the other, which led to all kinds of speculations as to the relationship.  The worst of all possible scenarios was “Father-Son”.  EEWW!!!  Could you imagine going naked with your Dad?  It took us awhile to get that thought out of our heads. (No offence Dad!)

Fortunately, they were getting ready to leave.  The older guy who is just wearing a shirt obviously is worried about the sun because before he goes to the front of the boat, he puts on a hat!  A hat!!!  Not pants as most people would, but a hat!  Oh, and shoes, he put on shoes, because obviously you could stub your toe on something.  We all watch him head to the front of the boat to release the mooring ball.  He’s checking the lines, we keep watching.  He’s signaling back to other naked guy, we keep watching. We can see him straining from the side (naked straining is again not pretty!).  Suddenly their boat turns. Instead of a side view we now have the full naked BUTT view.   He bends over and….


We waited until they were well ahead of us before we left, because as you know, “If you aren’t the lead dog, the view never changes!”