Ok, the constant rain was one thing, but last night was too much.  The rain had stopped and when the wind stopped it left us facing a new direction, closer to the mangroves.  About 2:30 am I am awakened by shouting and banging.  The hatches were open and we have been invaded by hundreds (I do not exaggerate here!!!) of mosquitoes.  It hasn’t been this bad since Rum Cay in the Bahamas!!!  Everyone is up yelling and whacking away.  There is a period of “whack, whack, whack” followed by an “Oh Gross!!!!” when one that is full of blood is smashed.  Tessa’s room is the worse.  The only sure way to kill them is to use the electronic zapper which actually burns them up.  This is preferable to having the walls, ceilings and bedsheets covered with blood and dead carcasses.  It takes us more than an hour to kill the intruders, and we know that we still don’t have them all.  Clean up tomorrow will be bad!!!!