Just passing the time here.  The kids are doing great at homeschooling.  They’ve made friends with two french girls, Caroline (14 years old) and her sister Natalie ( 11 years old), from the monohull Tigre.  The dog at the marina gave birth last month to 9 adorable puppies( only 7 survived) and that of course has been keeping Tessa occupied.  A few weeks ago, Tristan started sailing class at Grenada Yacht Club in downtown St George’s, so every Saturday we head downtown.  He was bumped up to the advanced class so now he goes in the afternoon.  Other than that, our days are filled with grocery shopping on Friday, potluck on Saturday, burger night on Wednesday, Sports for the kids with Caroline on Wednesday afternoon, homeschooling Monday through Friday and an occasional outing, and the Mexican Train dominoes.  Pretty tame. 





 Cynthia and Michael on Minx, Natalie and Caroline