Yes, that was us showing up at the Grenada Grand Beach resort, with about 8 backpacks for luggage.  NOTE:  Resort has the following dress code….. after 6:30 pm men wear slacks or tailored Bermuda -length shorts and collared shirts with short or long sleeves (no t shirts or tank tops).  Women wear dresses, skirts, slacks, culottes, or Bermuda shorts (no short shorts).

Needless to say, we took ourselves off the grounds when the sun went down.  I am sure they appreciated it!!

We hadn’t been to a hotel since Dominican Republic, about a year ago.  The heat was really getting to us.  I am amazed at how this heat/humidity can really suck the life out of you.   We bought a window unit air conditioner, but haven’t used it yet, so we only have fans on the boat.  The water here is another issue, as there are not that many places to swim.  So with the heat rising, moral lowering, a hotel was the answer.  The internet site sky auction had a great rate on the hotel and it was very nice!  Tristan and Tessa enjoyed the two pools one 300 foot fantasy pool, complete with waterfalls, and a  60 foot sunset pool.  Dan and I enjoyed the airconditioning, and we all enjoyed the TV.  In the evening we walked around Grand Anse, enjoying the local restaurants and Friday night bar-b-que.  The “Vacation” was well worth it.   Our 3 nights went too quick, but we came back much more energized!  Life is good again.