It’s Patrick’s birthday today!!  We love Patrick! He really makes Ocean World Marina special.  He always has a smile, always there with the golfcart to give us a ride wherever we need to go.  Tessa and Tristan made him birthday cards.  Tristan drew the Ocean World logo on his and Tessa drew a picture of Patrick driving the golfcart.  They went up on their own to deliver the cards and they said Patrick loved them.  He laughed and laughed at the picture of him driving the golfcart and showed it to everyone.  Another boater here at the marina, bought him a birthday cake and people were calling him all day he said wishing him Happy Birthday. 

Brooks, another boater here, introduced us to his rental car guy.  William, the owner, promised us a better car for the same price or less.  Seeing how  our old car had 2 flats and the driver’s window wouldn’t roll down, it seemed easy enough.  Dan and Tristan went with him to see the cars and I stayed back to clean.  Later, Patrick stopped by and brought me a piece of his birthday cake.  He told me Dan and Tristan had already had a piece and he wanted to make sure I got some too!  He is so sweet!