thanksgiving.JPG It turned into a great Thanksgiving!  We had actually thought that Thanksgiving was NEXT week and were surprised on Sunday when we saw on TV it was this week!  We are still here in the DR.  We were set to leave Tuesday morning, but when we got up, the wind was over 25 knots.  Later that day it hit 30 and the same for Wednesday.  The next week the weather forecast is for 10 foot seas and 20 plus wind.  So we are still here.  I was really looking forward to being in Puerto Rico for Thanksgiving so I was a feeling down.  On Wednesday we rented a car, headed into Punta Cana and tried to find a turkey.  We went to several stores, but the closest we got was some sliced turkey.  We were totally unprepared for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving morning we were still searching for food.  Finally we gave up, took our sliced turkey and headed back to the boat.  It really turned out fine.  We had mashed potatoes, green beans, sliced turkey and gravy.  I used the good china (yes we do have good plates on board) and the kids lit the candles.  Afterwards, we took a walk along the beach under a nearly full moon.  We didn’t have Puerto Rico, or a real turkey, but we had each other.  That’s all we needed.