It seems as if we are flying through these islands.  The truth is, the anchorages are rough and we are trying to make the most of the islands and our time as we head in to hurricane season.  Still, things are starting to blur together.

We came into Nevis yesterday after another bouncy ride.  I guess big seas are the norm for this area.  We met up with Fine Line who had been here already with Dawn Dancer.  Since we were too late for customs yesterday, we checked in today.  Checking in took awhile, and the customs officer came out and took a good look at Tristan and Tessa, matching their pictures to their passports.  They passed, good thing!  We walked around town, but the town, I hate to say it, didn’t have that much appeal to us.  We did find a nice internet spot owned by Shelley.  Later that evening we went to the “famous” Sunshine Bar.  It is right down the beach from the Four Season resort, and is famous for a drink called the Killer Bee.  Of course the walls are covered with pictures of all the famous celebrities that have visited the bar.  I guess they wandered down from the Four Seasons Resort.  The drink was good, the food pretty good, but the atmosphere wasn’t there.  I did buy some DVD’s from a guy selling them so we now have some new movies.  All in all, I wasn’t that impressed with Nevis.  Or maybe I am just tired from moving too fast.  Of course we are leaving tomorrow for either Monserrat or Antigua. 

Dock in Charlestowne, Nevis   Sunshines Bar