Not much to add except it’s hot here.  I talked to my Dad yesterday and he asked me if I had gotten used to the heat and I told him absolutely not.  We just sweat, ALL THE TIME!!!  At night it cools down, but the days can be bad.  Right now we are on the dock at Clarke Courts Bay Marina.  We’ve been here since we came back from the hotel as we had some boat projects to work on.  Dan hooked up the airconditioner we bought in St Thomas and it works pretty well!  It really takes the heat and humidity out of the salon.


Today I went on a tour with several of the cruising women.  We went to a place called Laura’s Herb Garden, a beautiful botanical like setting, showcasing medicinal plants and herbs grown on the island.  It is amazing how many traditional island cures there are.  When I was growing up, my Mom used some natural medicines and I have always been fascinated with it.  In Saba, I bought a great book on Bush Medicine but haven’t seen one for Grenada yet.  During our tour she must have showed us at least 30 plants ranging from bay leaves to lemon grass, and a few I can’t pronounce.  I need  to go back again with a video camera and a notebook and write them all down. 

      Next time you have cinnamon think of this woman scraping it by hand from a tree bark.

  street in St George  opening a coconut in the market

   After that, we went for lunch at Aquarium beautiful beachside restaurant.  The food was great and the beach, where we had time to snorkel, was fantastic.  I have so missed clear white sand and clear water!  It has been several weeks since I have snorkelled, and a few weeks since I swam in the ocean, so it was a treat.  The water felt so good.  Grenada is a wonderful island, but it really needs more beaches! 

 After that I came back to find that Dan and the kids had a successful homeschooling day.  Tristan and Dan finally repaced the cleat that we broke last year in Punt Cana Dominican Republic.  I am not sure if we could have done it without Tristan as it’s a tight squeeze.