We really hoped to be out of here by now.  We would have loved to have been in Aruba where we had some friends from North Carolina that came in for vacation.  The weather is just too bad.  We are getting squalls with 30 plus knot winds and no let up in sight!!  Chris Parker weather says to stay put till it passes.  On a good note we did meet some new friends on the 90 foot motor yacht Ki Ki Kai.  It’s two families living on the boat together.  John and Sara, the owners of the boat have two boys Josh and Nate and their friends, Sara and Graham have a daughter Mia.  They were nice and invited the kids over to play and also invited all of us over for cocktails.  The boat is gorgeous and they have been living on it for the last 18 months, travelling the Caribbean in style.  What a great way to travel, with a cleaning staff, a captain, and my personal favorite, the cook!  I can only dream on not having to make another meal.  But for how good it all sounds, they are a bit limited when it comes to spontaneity.  And with a staff, you don’t have complete privacy or control of what you want to do.  At least that was what I was telling myself as I went home to my boat that was in utter chaos.  It worked too, until I went into our bathroom and found someone had left it in less than “satisfactory” conditions (and believe me, I have come to set a very low bar when it comes to the word “satisfactory”). Instantly I became a very disgruntled crew member!!!