st-john-55.JPG We walked back to the Sugar Mill so Dan could get some pictures.  Mr. Dale was there, along with some park volunteers. Dan thinks of Mr Dale as the Caribbean “Yoda” from Star Wars for the way he talks and throws out bits of wisdom. He recognized me and remembered we were from North Carolina.  He asked how my tea was and I told him it was good. I was talking to the park volunteers, asking them if they lived on St John and they said they did.  I told them I would love to live there but land was so expensive.  I also said I could live in the BVIs.  I said we would like a piece of land in the mountains that we could put a small house on.  Mr. Dale asked if I liked Cane Garden Bay.  He didn’t know this but that is one of my favorite places.  I told him yes, and he told me he had some property for sale, on top of the mountain, overlooking Cane Garden Bay.  It was his sister’s property and he was looking after it for her.  I told him I might be very interested.  I said, “That might be the reason I met you”.  “That reason,” he cryptically replied “and others.”  Hmm!! Interesting!!

Here are some of our neighboring boats in Maho Bay.  Notice the helicoptor!  We have some video of the helicoptor landing on the yacht which we hope to put on the website. maho-bay-neighbors.JPG