We are close to moving on.  Just a few last minute details.  Dottie and Ritchie have been a great help to us.  They recently sold their boat and are moving to a motor home they will live in until they head back up to Maine for the summer. It took them only about 3 hours to move everything off their boat. We are in awe of them. It would take us more time than that to set fire to everything on our boat. They left their car at the marina for us to use in case we needed it, which of course we did.  They also took Tristan and Tessa with them to their daughter Aubrey’s bookstore in Flagler Beach.  That gave Dan and I some time to ourselves to finish last minute things and head to Mezzaluna’s for pizza.  Don, on Overindulgence, also offered to help us out if we needed to run some errands.  As anxious as we are to leave here to head to the Bahamas, we will miss this community here.