A lot to catch up on. We left Hopetown a few days ago and came to Marsh Harbour for more supplies and to see if we could get our refrigerator running (again)! Dan had replaced the compressor but it still worked erratically. Before we left Hopetown we had a great evening of Mexican Train Dominoes on with Fred and Cathy and Jim and Maria. The next night Maria made us an incredible supper on Magnificat. While we stayed out in the cockpit and ate, the kids and Rusty curled up and watched movies until late. That is one of the great things about this trip. The middle of the week and you get together with friends and you don’t have to worry about the time. You don’t have to leave early because you are afraid you’ll be tired for work the next day. If I want to stay up late and read, or even wake up in the middle of the night and read for a few hours I can. I never did that even on the weekends.

The kids got some much needed kids time as we ran into a family with two boys on a St Francis catamaran called Sand Dollar. Clint and Diane from Vero Beach Florida have two boys Cody and Noah. They played at the pool together and then one stormy day in Hopetown, they invited the kids to their boat to play. Dan dropped them off and starting drinking rum at about 10:45 am. They didn’t make it back until the rain slacked off about 5:30. I had a great day on the boat by myself and the rest of the family had a great day making new friends.

We are having major radio problems now. It started where we couldn’t hear all the cruisers net and now we really can’t hear anyone, so we need to head to Man O War to have someone go up the mast and check the connections. Sean at
Marsh Harbour worked on our refrigerator and for about 3 days it worked and now it doesn’t. Before we head south we have to get these things fixed.