Bad storm last night and continuing into today.  I can’t believe how much rain we’ve gotten!  This morning the waves are almost coming over the seawall.  Two boats came in, one a fishing boat, and the other a trawler coming from Cuba.  They said the waves were over 15 feet.  They looked exhausted!  Between rainshowers, we took a walk down to the beach.  The waves were really crashing on the reef.  We just hung around the boat the rest of the day, working on Halloween stories. 

A major mistake on my part.  Tessa’s window was open last night when it rained and her comforter got wet.  When the rain and wind calmed down, I put it on the line, secured with several clothespins.  I kept a good eye on it, and it seemed fine.  Then the wind got up and when I went to check on it……. “Comforter No More!”  I can’t believe it!!  I looked all over the boat for it but it was gone.  I didn’t break the news to Tessa yet.  That is not a conversation I am anxious to have!!!