More rain, more wind, more waves.  The storm was really bad last night.  When Dan went out this morning, there was a tree and a pig’s head floating next to our boat.  A pig’s head!  What a sight!  I asked him if he saw Tessa’s comforter and he said no.  Rats!  We have a big surge into the marina, and sometimes it can make it hard to walk on the boat.  So we spend a lot of time sitting.

We spent the day doing nothing.  It rained all day so we couldn’t even get off the boat for  a walk.  We made more Halloween decorations and then spent the rest of the evening playing games.  Dan and I finished the evening off watching a marathon session of the second season of  “24″.  It was a really good day though.  The kids had fun  and so did we.  Sometimes you need those days of just doing nothing. 

I am not sure when this will let up.  According to the weather we are in for several more days of this stuff!!