It was late in the afternoon when Pablo the dockmaster stopped by and said he had arranged for the kids to go see the dolphins one on one, with the trainer. The kids of course were ready to go. Dan and I went back to the boat to get our camera while Tristan and Tessa rode with Patrick and Pablo over to see the dolphins. When we were heading toward the dolphin enclosure, one of the male dolphin trainers saw us coming and pointed out where Tristan and Tessa were. We had no idea how he knew we were the parents. We went where he pointed, and Tristan let us in the gate. Laura, the trainer, was feeding them and practicing some tricks with the dolphins. She was very nice and let them touch the dolphin and interact with it. The kids were in heaven.

When they were done, Tristan asked me if I recognized the dolphin trainer who had told us where they were. I said no. Tristan said he was the guy he and Tessa had talked to at Chris and Maddys, the restaurant where we ate the other night for our anniversary. He had been playing pool and Tessa and Tristan had been watching and talking to him. Our kids know more people than we do.