There is a different feel to the air today, almost felt like an autumn day.  The breeze has a touch of coolness to it, and the evening falls softly, the darkness coming down slowly and evenly like flakes of snow in winter.  The twilight takes on a special stillness.  In the

Midwest, the coolness in the air would remind you to bring a jacket that evening, and you would expect to find a full harvest moon lighting your way.  If you were in rural

, where I grew up, you’d hear the crackle of ripe corn stalks whispering to each other in the night wind.  A tinge of anticipation hangs in the air.  You pause to take it in as your heart catches.  At that moment you are caught between two worlds; a bit of sadness, nostalgia really for what you will leave behind, and the building excitement of continuing on to the next adventure.  It’s like coming down a long staircase and hesitating a moment, holding your foot in the air before letting it touch the last step.  I step down, breaking the spell.  It is time to leave the

Dominican Republic.