Looks like we will be leaving early tomorrow.  We have been waiting for a weather window to Puerto Rico, but can’t seem to get one for the entire trip.  We have decided to stop looking so far ahead, and concentrate on going to Samana or Punta Cana.  Either place is good for staging a crossing of the Mona Passage to Puerto Rico.  The “official” guidebook for cruising these waters tells us to leave at night and only cruise at night due to the strong winds coming off the island during the daytime.  We’ve decided against that.  The next few days calls for nearly no wind, so we are leaving at first light. 

One last time we head up to the Lighthouse for a quick night to celebrate my birthday.  This will be the last time, for a long time if ever, that we will be able to leave the kids by themselves.  That has been such a nice treat.  We can keep an eye on them from the window and the guards all know us and keep an eye on the kids.  That has been great.  We will really miss it here!  We will miss the great staff, the beautiful facilities, the marine park, being treated like royalty!  We have to come back.