Life is Good left this morning.  The waves were still pounding against the seawall.  We watched them struggle through the high seas, the waves burying the bow.  We are getting anxious to leave too,  but it is still too rough.  A new fishing boat, Black Gold, came in this evening as Reel Easy was leaving.  They said there was so much garbage in the water between here and Puerto Rico.  It slowed them up so they had to stop here.  I had read about that.  Another time when they had a big rain, they said there were alot of trees, dead horses and cows floating off the coast.  Can you imagine?  I would not want to be out there and see that. We will be waiting a few more days.  We did get some sunshine today.  That was nice.  A new weird thing though.  At night, the wind is supposed to die down.  The last 3 nights however, the wind has come up suddely, really strong gusts, out of nowhere.  I hope this stops before we leave!