mother-and-child1  I love this picture.  Peruvians love children.

viscacha  Viscacha   Look how well he blends into the rocks

best-condor  Condor


hawk-22  The Hawks seemed to love their pictures taken






  alpalca Alpaca  (Alpaca have short noses than Llamas and Vicunas)

can-i-take-him-home  Baby Vicuna

love-him  Can I please take him home????

look-how-short-she-is1  Normally I don’t consider myself tall but…….

even-tristan-looks-tall  Even Tristan is taller!

and-look-at-tessa And look at Tessa!

  This  rock is found overlooking the canyon.  The carvings on it are rock-carving   the blueprints for the terraces in the background.

colca-canyon-area-11  From the deep canyon, to the heights of the snowpeaks in one view!

colca-canyon-area1     colca-canyon-area-31

colca-canyon-terraces1  Agricultural terraces in the Valley

views-from-our-hotel-7  View from our Hotel  in Arequipa

snow-peaks-colca-canyon-2  Snowy peaks  snow-peaks-colca-canyon1