Hello Olga!


What a night. We were anchored pretty close to the mouth of the harbor, as it was a bit crowded in here.  It was a long bumpy night.

Early in the evening the boat was facing east.  By late evening, the barometer started dropping and we had a trade wind reversal.  Now the wind was coming from the west.  The waves came into the harbor and pounded us most of the night.  The wind really wasn’t that bad then, it was the waves, lifting us up and slamming into us.  Dan and I stayed up all night on anchor watch making sure we were going to hold.  Nothing like having your anchor tested only a few hours after you get it set. Here is a picture off our chartplotter that shows our path around our anchor last night.  It seemed the anchor held, but we used all the chain we had out.   anchor-watch.JPG  Several boats drug last night and are still dragging now.

This morning the waves were coming in much worse.  We are going to leave the boat here, at the marina, when we fly back to the States next week, so instead of getting a slip on Saturday, we went ahead and pulled into a slip this morning, during the worst of it.  The worse of the storm seems to be on the north side, but the US Coast guard is very busy right around here.  We can hear them calling over and over again for a boat, and the rescue helicoptor is in the air.  The wind is getting up again, and we are getting lots and lots of rain.  But we are fine.  Hopefully this weather will be gone tonight and we can explore Ponce tomorrow.


Beach at Boqueron                                 boqueron.JPG route to Ponce

pr-countryside.JPG  Sunset at Ponce