Concerns about being in Venezuela waters without officially checking in, lead us to head to Margarita.  We had a great motorsail over, caught a Mahi Mahi, and a fish called a Tunne (Florida Bonito).  Great day.  We arrived around 2:00pm and called Juan at Juan Marina. He is the agent that is supposed to make your checking in easier.  He told us it was too late today, but see him first thing in the morning.  Furuko, and Independence were also in the harbor.  We met up with Independence and they took us to a  great beachside bar with cheap (5o cent) cold beers, platters of oysters, shrimp, and a shrimp, oyster mix that is just incredibly delicious. 

The anchorage here is very different.  You are anchored in a bay surrounded by high rise hotels, some nice, some in need of repair.  We aren’t use to seeing so many lights at night.  The people so far seem very nice. Tomorrow we will head into town for some shopping.




   Little Tunne  (Florida Bonito)