Early start again for Punta Cana.  A great day and again we entertained ideas of keep going on, that is until we hit more rain.  Oh well.  We had a visitor for about an hour.  This poor bird was exhausted and he rested on our boat after one of the storms.  bird.JPG  bird-3a.JPG  bird-2.JPG

We decided to spend the night at Punta Cana Marina and get a good idea about the upcoming weather.  The marina is ok.  They tried to stick us in a slip that was way too small for us.  We ended up staying on the fuel dock.  It  isn’t comfortable, as we are getting a surge.  We were going to check out Cap Cana next door until we went into pay for our slip h ere at the Punta Cana Marina.  The price for our catamaran, with electricity and water?  $16.80.   Plus, we have access to the Punta Cana resort, rated one of the top resorts in the world.  Life is good!!!  We may be here awhile.

punta-cana-marina-1.JPG  punta-cana-marina-5.JPG  punta-cana-marina.JPG