There is another grocery store in town and we decide to try it.  This time we take our dinghy to the government dock which is in the center of the settlement. Strachan’s is smaller than Last Chance grocery, but to our delight it has ice cream.  I get some bacon, but no bread, no eggs, and no fresh vegetables.  The mail boat comes on Friday this week so I am hopeful of getting eggs then.  As we walk past Ocean View restaurant, eating our ice cream, we decide to stop in to get a drink.  Miss  Ruby the owner has no problem with our eating ice cream in the restaurant and we order sodas for the kids and some VERY cold beer for us.  They have a sign in the restaurant claiming the coldest beer in the islands and I would have to agree.  It is so cold there is ice on the outside of the bottle.  We take a seat, eat our ice cream, drink our cold drinks and watch The Mummy Returns on the big TV above the bar.  We are in heaven!