We have been pretty lucky with the heat.  We don’t have air conditioning on the boat.  When you are at anchor, you usually get a pretty good breeze, but marinas can be very bad for lack of wind.  Fortunately that hasn’t been the case here.  So far we have only had one night of no breeze and it  combined with a little rain, it was ABSOLUTLEY MISERABLE.  It is not so much the wind, but here on Rum Cay, no wind means MOSQUITOS and NO SEE’ums.  We had gotten a light rain before sundown.  No big deal.  But as soon as stepped off the boat to join everyone on the dock for dinner, we were overwhelmed by mosquitos.  SWARMED!  We hurried back to the boat and closed all the windows.  We sprayed ourselves with bugspray but we were still being attacked.  We all agreed to move the dinner up to the restaurant.  Later that night we still couldn’t open our windows and we spent an awful hot night fighting off what mosquitos had made their way into the boat.  The next  morning I am looking on yacht trader for catamarans with airconditioning!