We had one more night of bad mosquitoes before we left.  It was a similar night as before, rain, no wind and sundown.  We thought we had the boat closed up but we discovered the kids’ bathroom window was open.  There were literally a 50 to 60 mosquitoes covering the walls.  I shut the door to Tessa’s room and closed the door to door to the bathroom, trapping them inside.  We left to go eat.  I had to run back to the boat to get something from Tessa’s room about an hour later.  I fought my way through the mosquito infested bathroom, using the flyswatter to kill as many as I could.  When I opened Tessa’s bedroom door, I was sick.  She had left a side hatch open.  The corner of her wall near the window was black with mosquitoes.  It was  a nightmare.  I killed as many as I could, but with the windows closed it was hot and unbearable.  I closed her door and the bathroom door and left them until morning.  That night she slept on the couch upstairs.  We were cleaning up mosquitoes for days after that.