We made it to Rum Cay with no problems.  We were hoping to go further, but with the wind on our nose (AGAIN) we decided to pull into the Rum Cay Marina and see if we could get better sailing weather in a few days.  Tristan and I were on coral head watch the last part of the trip, as there are many reefs in this area.  The water is the most beautiful; most clear we have ever seen.  The depth meter is showing 40 feet and we can easily see the bottom!  Coming into Rum Cay marina is pretty well marked, even though we missed the last marker.  There are tall white poles that guide you in, and George from the marina told us to keep them to our right. I was at the front of the boat looking for reefs, and we passed by the poles.  We can hear George calling a boat, first he calls Stardust then realizes that is the wrong boat and starts shouting “Catamaran!”  I am up front so I can’t hear what he is saying and Dan can’t leave the wheel either.  I finally run back and answer.  “Didn’t you see the green ball?”  George tells me we were supposed to go between the green ball and the pole and we went to the outside of the green ball.  In fairness to Dan and me, the green ball is a about the size of a soccer ball and painted so dark you can’t see it.  Now I think we are not lined up to get into the marina. 
“Are we going to be ok?” 

“Well if you haven’t hit anything, you are ok.”  Welcome to Rum Cay!!

We are desperate for groceries, so after checking into the marina we begin the long, hot trek into “town”.  Actually the term is settlement and it is a good 15 minute walk down a long dirt road in the middle of nowhere.  In fact we are just about to give up, when we see some flags hanging above the road.  This is the middle of the settlement. 

We see Kayes bar, and the remains of what was a park, but nothing else.  I ask an elderly gentleman sitting on a picnic table.  He points us further on down the road and around the corner.  At last we have found it, The Last Chance grocery store.  The sign outside boasts vegetables, fruits, ice cream; I am giddy with possibilities!  Inside the store is a big glass cooler and I am happy to see several cartons of eggs. When I open the first carton, all but five have cracks in the eggs.  I open the next carton.  This one is even worse with only 3 unbroken.  There is one carton left, and I am hopeful that maybe between the three of these I can make my own dozen.  As I take it out of the cooler, it drips egg yolk on my hands.  Only 2 unbroken in this carton.  Sadly I give up.  There is no fresh bread, no diet coke, no cereal, and no water bottles.  There is a small section of canned goods, and some frozen chicken.  I tend to stay away from frozen chicken in the outer island grocery stores as I don’t know how many times it has been thawed and refrozen.  I am able to get some lettuce, baloney and Gatorade.  When we get back to the boat, two sport fishing boats have pulled in and are cleaning their catch.   The kids run down to watch and Dan and I head back to the boat.  Dan checks on the kids a while later and finds Tessa hanging off the dock, holding a fish head in her hand, trying to get a nurse shark’s attention.  Glen, the captain of Jolly Rodgers, one of the fishing boats, cautions that while the nurse sharks are pretty tame, a bull shark will sometime come in fast and will make it out of the water.  Sure enough, a few minutes after Dan makes her give up this game, a bull shark swims under the dock.

While I try to take a quick nap, Dan hangs out with the guys.  He comes back to the boat and tells me it is Ladies Night at the Out of the Blue marina restaurant and that I should go up and meet everyone.  Usually I am uncomfortable in these situations where everyone knows everyone else but me, but I decide to go anyway.  Cathi is the first to greet me when I walk in.  She lives on the island with her husband Brian.  She is very warm and outgoing.  She introduces me to Marcia, who manages the marina with her husband Adrian, Michelle, Melanie who is the wife of Captain Glen on Jolly Rodgers, and Todd who is their first mate. Everyone is very nice and makes me feel very welcome.   There is a potluck on the dock that night and Dan, I and the kids are invited. 

What a feast!  Jolly Rodgers had a good day of fishing and Glen cooked up some fried conch and fried grouper. It was very good.  Later that night we met the other Kathy who lives with her husband Bill on the island.  They are former sailboat owners who decided to end their trip in Rum Cay and build a house.  It is a great group.  Tristan and Tessa make friends with the other kids there, including Chance and Nick, Melanie and Glen’s children.   We have a full night of great food and new friends!