Rain.  We can’t escape it.  We got a break and headed into the Chinese restaurant for lunch and a quick walk around the town.  Samana is a stopping point for cruise ships and I am not sure why.  There is not alot to do here, the water is a scary brown color, with all kinds of debris in it, but they do have some waterfalls on the outside of town.  The cruise ships have built their own “mini town” within the town itself.  It has a casino and a few souvenir shops.  The nighttime is hopping though.  From the park you can hear the sounds of merengue music all night.  Street vendors pull their vans up to the light posts, illegally tap into the power, pull out tables and chairs, and blast the music, all while selling hamburgers and chickens.  One night, the music just started and we heard a really loud boom!  The lights went out in town, and stayed out for about an hour.  I really hope no one was hurt stealing electricity!

This rain has to end soon.  We are so desperate for white sandy beaches and jumping off the back of the boat for a swim.   The last time we saw white sand was Turks and Caicos in early September.  The last time we swam in the ocean was Mayaguana!!!!  We are all a little stir crazy! samana-2.JPG   samana-3.JPG