way-to-samana.JPG The day was full of surprises.  After making it through the long night, we woke up early to tackle all the problems from the night before.  Where to start?  The engine first.  I cleaned off Tristan’s bed, and Dan went under the bunk to check out the starboard engine. I was expecting the worse when he came out.  Nothing was obvious.  The only thing he could think of was an impeller blade on the seawater pump had broke off and had jammed.  When he spun it by hand, it unjammed.  The engine started perfectly!  The autopilot didn’t work, but the seas and wind were low so the steering was easy.  We took off and headed to Samana.

The traveling was easy and the scenery beautiful.  Tristan  used the time to catch up on some reading,tristan-reading-passage-from-ocean-world.JPG

while Tessa built her usual nest tessa-on-passage-1.JPG.  That’s her new spot, when she isn’t sleeping!t555.JPG

This side of the coast is just beautiful! way-to-samana-1.JPG

We had no sooner dropped our anchor in the muddy Samana harbor that afternoon, when the harbor master and the commandante came to our boat.  We hadn’t even gotten a chance to back down on the anchor yet!  Another boat had pulled in behind us.   While the officials were on our boat, they dropped their anchor and went down below.  A few minutes later, Tristan notices a 40 foot motorboat floating next to our boat.  He had drug his anchor.  One of the guys got off our boat and headed after it.  A few minutes later, we notice the sailboat that came in after us is also dragging.  What’s going on here?  This is going to be an interesting harbor!!