We have spent the last several days anchored in Sea Cow Bay, right around the corner from Nanny Cay.  There is a extremely high Northern Swell hitting the island, generating swells of nearly 2o feet.  We don’t want to be anywhere near that.  Fortunately we are on the south side of Tortola and it is the north side that is taking the brunt of it.  The last few days we have heard the Coast Guard on the radio looking for lost boats.  Alot of people are coming over from Puerto Rico for the holidays and it is extremely dangerous.  There were Coast Guard reports of overturned boats with people in the water at Meghans Bay on St Thomas.  And they are surfing in 25 foot waves at Cane Garden Bay!! Unbelieveable!! The National Weather Service says these are the largest swells to hit the island since 1991!  They cancelled the ferries that run from Puerto Rico to the BVI’s and the USVI to BVI ferries.  We are very worried about the people coming over from Puerto Rico.  We grew very fond of Puerto Rico and the people when we were there.  We prayed that none got caught in the storm.

But we are safe here in Sea Cow Bay.  We were supposed to head to the USVI to pick up our mail, but where we would go is too exposed to the swells, so we will have to wait until next week.  We took the dinghy over to Nanny Cay to see Carol at 123 Hulls.  Carol sold us our boat back in 2006, at Sophers Hole.  We really like her and her husband Greg, and they have all our gratitude for helping us get the PERFECT boat for our trip!  We can’t say enough good things about them!!  After we bought ALegria from them, they went out on their own and started 123 Hulls based n Nanny Cay.  It had been almost 2 years since we had seen Carol so we caught up over beers at the nearby pub.  Tessa also caught up with Hannah, the friend she had met at Cane Garden Bay.  It was nice to see Carol again, and we ended the evening agreeing that Dan would consider becoming a yacht broker for them.  It’s something he has always wanted to do, and the timing seems perfect.  We agreed we would talk about it when we met again after our friends came to visit.